Saturday, 5 September 2009

Rohus response

When I asked Rohus why this is happening this is their reply: -

Amazing issues.

A historian (forgot his name) said that "no events in history are by chance" implying that all are planned. All i know for sure (about the fact that these anti-home-educational moves happen simultaneously in veery different parts of the world), is that our minister of education participated in the Bilderberg meeting in may 2009. He was an "unofficial" attendee, as it is said on the Swedish government site, that he was off duty on that week. The Finnish official who partook mentioned his attendance there, though.

Other than that, I have not seen any connections.

The measures governments take to "end" home education as we know it, are immense but so illogical and based on no evidence or scientific studies - on the contrary, as you know.

I also know this:

Every case where a family appeals a negative decision on their home education and is turned down, it is because of the religious aspects. It is interpreted by the courts as something that would exclude certain parts of the national curriculum.

Because of this, and the fact that home education can stand on its own merits both socially and academically, nobody "needs" that added aspect of religious reasons; so we recommend against using that as an argument.

Also, only 30% of the home educators in the USA give religious reasons for their choice. In Europe, that figure is probably less than 10%.

Regarding the government measures resembling Hitler's law from the 30's: Hitler himself is quoted saying: -"My greatest resource is people's ability to forget."

We do all we can to remind them, and the people. And work politically to influence and give our reviews on legislation. If that does not work, we will have to use other methods. It is becoming more common, that families simply move to other countries...

I have never heard of Bilderberg but the Times has: where you will notice the names of Ed Balls and Peter Mandelson (Business and Skills). Remember the Department for Education and Skills? Peter Mandelson has been negotiating for the UK with the German Government since the collapse of General Motors Europe (GM own Opel (Germany), Vauxhall (England) and Saab (Sweden)). Germany is the main player and will bankroll at least Opel’s survival.

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